adapt-r makes every dishwasher fit in your kitchen

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adapt-r makes every dishwasher fit in your kitchen

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You bought a dishwasher and it does not fit into an IKEA kitchen?

You have bought a dishwasher and it does not seem to fit into your kitchen. Or you would like to place a Siemens, Bosch or other brand of dishwasher in an IKEA kitchen, but the IKEA employee says that this is not possible. You are more or less forced to purchase an IKEA dishwasher. Another option is to cut off a piece of your kitchen front. This will immediately ruin the beautiful appearance of your new kitchen. Yet another option is to lower the dishwasher and saw a hole in your kickboard. This is also ugly and usually not possible. As last option you can buy an XXL dishwasher, for this option you pay “double” and you get a qualitatively less good machine compared to a normal dishwasher.

Fortunately, we have the solution for all these problems.

The adapt-r ensures that you can place your favourite dishwasher in an Ikea kitchen.

With the adapt-r, you can choose which brand of dishwasher you want to place in your kitchen. Every brand of dishwasher fits in an Ikea kitchen with our sliding system.

The adapt-r is a sliding system that captures the “overlength” of the kitchen front by sliding it back and forth. Due to a difference in pivot point, the kitchen front can slide along the dishwasher door. This principle is already being applied to refrigerators for years. We have enlarged, optimised and reinforced this principle to make it suitable for all dishwashers.

We promise you: guaranteed results! 

If you have a fully integrated dishwasher, adapt-r definitely allows you to add an IKEA front. We are convinced of the adapt-r concept. That is why we guarantee all our customers worldwide:

“If the adapt-r does not work with your dishwasher, we will personally solve the problem!”

It is our passion to help you with your (dishwasher) problem. If you have a fully integrated dishwasher, adapt-r guarantees you that you can install it in your IKEA kitchen. The adapt-r 2.0 is suitable for ALL brands of dishwashers, check here which adapt-r suits your needs.

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Why adapt-r?

We want you to be able to choose which kitchen appliances are placed in your kitchen.
Ikea has increased the standard cabinet heights to 80 centimetres with the introduction of the Metod kitchen line. This is perfect for the space in the kitchen, but it limits the choice of dishwashers. Through the creation of adapt-r, this is no longer a problem and enables you to place your favourite dishwasher in your kitchen.

With the help of the adapt-r you can choose which dishwasher you build in your Ikea kitchen. The adapt-r 2.0 is a universal sliding hinge that can be installed on both 45 cm wide and 60 cm wide dishwashers. Which let you place any common width dishwasher. The adapt-r is a sliding hinge mounted on the dishwashers door. The dishwasher must be placed 19 millimetres behind the front of the kitchen cupboards. In most cases, this space is available. For a further description, refer to the installation manual.

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