Adapt-r was developed in 2015. Initially, it was intended for use with IKEA kitchens, but the system is now also often used with other kitchen brands. The reason for using the Adapt-r system is to prevent having to cut a hole in the base board or ending up with a dishwasher that is too low. More and more customers dislike having to bend over too far or having to look at an unsightly gap in the base board underneath their dishwasher. We also thought it was strange that while more than half of all washing machines and dryers are placed on a platform, dishwashers are actually lowered… To be able to offer customers a good solution, we have kept developing and fine-tuning our system since its inception. And we are still perfecting it!

“Since Adapt-r was founded, more than 10,000 Adapt-r systems have been installed worldwide.

Approximately 70% of these are in IKEA kitchens and the remaining 30% in other kitchen brands.”

The Adapt-r system works with every fully integrated dishwasher.

What does a dealership mean and what are the benefits?

We offer you, as a dealer, attractive benefits. For one, you can count on our full technical support. You can also follow a free introductory course. If you follow the user manual, you can achieve good results. But the adapt-r system has so much more to offer! We would love to tell you about it. Of course, a dealership also comes with a dealer price. These prices will be sent to you on request. Send an e-mail to for more information.
And last but not least, you can add a unique Dutch product, which is used worldwide, to your product range.


We offer you a 99-year warranty on our system. This “lifetime” warranty also extends to your customers. If your customer encounters a problem, we will solve it free of charge. Of course, as a dealer you are free to solve the problem yourself, but know that this is also covered by our warranty.

When can the Adapt-r system be applied?

  1. If a dishwasher needs to be lowered to mount the front, you can consider using the Adapt-r system. The dishwasher can then be placed at the normal height, so that the consumer does not have to bend down any further than necessary.
  2. If a hole needs to be cut out of the base board, because the kitchen front would touch it otherwise. This affects the look of the kitchen, because it never looks pretty when you cut unnecessary holes out of the base board. To make matters worse, this is often done using a jigsaw (read: no clean cuts). You can prevent this problem by recommending the Adapt-r system.
  3. If the kitchen has or needs an extra low or extra high base board.

When is the Adapt-r system not suitable?

  1. If you want to install a semi-integrated dishwasher.
  2. If there is little space between the dishwasher and “the other side”. The other side can be a wall, a kitchen cupboard or any other object. The kitchen front slides forward when the dishwasher is opened. The number of centimetres that the kitchen front moves forward depends on the size of the dishwasher in relation to the size of the front. For instance, if the dishwasher can handle a front height of 72 cm and the front is 80, the front will, on average, move forward about 10 cm.

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