We’re happy to refund within 30 days, provided your order is in resalable condition.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide returning labels for any country outside of the EU.
This means that, if you wish to return your order, you’ll need to arrange and pay for the return of your order yourself.

Because adapt-r is located in the Netherlands, your order was imported to the UK (or any other country outside of the EU).
To return your order to adapt-r, you’ll need to export it out of the UK (or any other country outside of the EU). For more information about exporting items out of the UK we would like to redirect you to this website from the UK government.

When exporting your order from the UK (or any other country outside of the EU) to the Netherlands, your parcel needs to be completed with a customs declarations form (CN22A or CN22B). Please DO NOT print and complete the example here, obtain the form with a unique barcode from your local Post Office.

Please make sure that the added form is filled in completely and correctly. Items sent without a customs declaration (CN22A or CN22B) or an incorrectly or partially completed declaration may be delayed or returned to sender. There is also a possibility that if a form is filled in incorrectly, customs will charge us with an import fee. If that happens, adapt-r will decline the parcel. The parcel will be returned to you (without a refund).


———————————————————– TIPS ON HOW TO FILL IN THE FORMS CORRECTLY & COMPLETELY ———————————————————–


                                                                             —— If the parcel is not marked as returned goods, it will be declined! ——