I does not matter on which brand of dishwasher you want to install the adapt-r. If you have a fully integrated dishwasher, the adapt-r will fit. The only thing to take into account is the thickness of the adapt-r. It is 19 mm thick and therefore the dishwasher will have to be placed 19mm rearward in relation to the kitchen cupboards.

In 99,9% of the cases this space is available because kitchen cupboards are 60cm deep and most dishwasher are between 56cm and 58cm deep. The Ikea kitchens nowadays are even deeper because a mounting bracket is placed behind the cabinets.

Tip: For safety’s sake, make sure that there are no thick pipes behind the dishwasher.
The Adapt-R fits, among others, on the following brands of dishwashers:

The Adapt-R is delivered in a construction kit and some technical insight is necessary to install the Adapt-R 2.0 correctly.

The installation depth of the Adapt-R is 19 mm.
The Adapt-R is mounted on the original mounting points of the dishwasher. This preserves the manufacturer’s warranty of the dishwasher.

The Adapt-R is made of aluminium and stainless steel, which guarantees a robust and corrosion-free product. In addition, the Adapt-R is relatively ease to disassemble so that it can be transferred when placing a new kitchen or new dishwasher. Of course, the adapt-r is supplied with clear installation instructions.

We promise you: guaranteed results! 

If you have a fully integrated dishwasher, adapt-r definitely allows you to add an IKEA front. We are convinced of the adapt-r concept. That is why we guarantee all our customers worldwide:

“If the adapt-r does not work with your dishwasher, we will personally solve the problem!”

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