It is best to place the cardboard box of the kitchen front underneath the front. This prevents your kitchen door from getting damaged.

Place your kitchen front right in front of the dishwasher, with the front facing down. Place the Premium template (60x80cm)  in the left- and right-bottom corners, as seen in the picture above.

The hole pattern sheet shows the letters “A”, “B” and “C”. Use the same position as on the previous page. In our case, this is Position “C”. The hinges must in any case be fixed with 2 screws. Always make sure that you do not drill into the thin part of a kitchen front. For example, if you have a kitchen front with decorative frame, there is a chance that you drill a screw through the thin part of the front, so look in advance where you screw the screw. Of course, the hinges are designed so that they can be mounted on any kitchen front. After you have screwed both hinges, remove them again. The holes are already pre-drilled which makes the installation easier in the next steps.

Place the remaining parts on the template as shown. It is important that the 2 sliding profiles (the “h-profiles”) fit against the decorative strip (the corner profile).

Pay attention!

  • If you have a BLANKETT handle you put it on the kitchen front without screwing it. Place the adapt-r decorative strip over it and screw it into place with 2 screws.
  • If you have a VOXTORP front then glue the decorative strip with sealant or double-sided tape. The front is too thin to screw the decorative strip
    The decorative strip has no technical function, so it can possibly be omitted completely.

If your dishwasher front consists of several drawer fronts, they must be attached to each other. You can do this with the supplied profiles. Depending on the dimensions of your kitchen front, these profiles must be fixed at different points. The points are indicated on the template. If your dishwasher front consists of a whole of 60x80cm then you can omit these two profiles.

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