The pivot points of the sliding hinge/system must be mounted onto the kitchen cabinets adjacent to the dishwasher. How to attach the pivot points is explained below.

If you don’t have a kitchen cabinet next to the dishwasher, you can solve this by using the adapt-r Premium+. This is the case, for example, when you have an oven or a cooker next to the dishwasher. Contact for the adapt-r Premium+, an expansion to the adapt-r Premium, which allows fully-integrated dishwashers to be converted into “free-standing dishwashers”. 

Open the dishwasher door fully, and place a pencil mark where the door stops.

The pencil mark should look like this.

Measure the height of the line in relation to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. In our case the height of the pencil mark is 16 cm. This means that we have to use the “C” holes of the hole pattern. The table below shows you how it works:

Holes to be used Height pencil mark
C 105 mm or more
B 75-105 mm
A 0-75 mm


Attach the hole pattern sheet to the kitchen cabinet using, for example, painter’s tape. Of course, you can also hold the pattern sheet in place yourself and pierce the holes with a awl.

Mount the pivot point in the correct position. In our case, this is the “C” position. This C position is the most common position. Position “A” is hardly ever used.

You have to mount the pivot points on both sides, so repeat this step for the right-hand side.

Of course, you can remove the hole pattern sheet from behind the pivot point after use.

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