In principle, this step is not very hard; the decorative profile has to be mounted at the top of the kitchen front. However, this step may be a bit confusing in some situations. This is mainly because of the handle that has to be placed on the kitchen door. For instance, when you use the BLANKETT handle and the VOXTORP front, this step can be a bit difficult. The BLANKETT handle is placed at the top of the front, where it interferes with the decorative strip, while the VOXTORP kitchen front is a handle-less front. With this handle-less front, the location for the decorative strip is very thin. This interferes with the installation of the decorative strip.

The solution is easy:

  • If you have a BLANKETT handle, place it on the kitchen front without screwing it down Place the adapt-r decorative strip over it and screw both down using 2 screws.
  • For the VOXTORP front, you can glue down the decorative strip with kit or double-sided adhesive tape.

The decorative strip has no technical function, so it can also be omitted completely.

We are going to mount the two sliding profiles. These should be placed 9 cm away from the edge of the kitchen front, and with the end right up against the decorative profile. If you have a kitchen front with a decorative edge, such as SÄVEDAL, BODBYN, LAXARBY and TORHAMN etc., the sliding profile must be mounted 3 cm from the edge. The reason is that kitchen fronts with decorative edges are thinner in the middle, so that nothing can be screwed onto it without drilling through the front.


Screw on the sliding profiles. There is a 9 cm space between where the sliding profile begins and the edge of the kitchen front.

Now mount your door handle, following the instructions for the handle.

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