Open the dishwasher door and push the stainless steel M4 screws through the mounting holes.

Secure the aluminium plates at one point, so that they can still move. Be careful not to close the dishwasher door now. This will damage the adjacent kitchen cabinets or kitchen front. It is best to do this with two people, so that one person can keep the door open.

The panel can be turned to the left and right because it is only fixed in one place.

Both adapt-r plates have now been mounted.

Slide the nylon bushings over the protruding screws and then the aluminium plates. Tip: add some lubricant to the nylon bushings. WD-40, Vaseline or any other type of oil works very well.

Open the dishwasher door fully and lift up the kitchen front until the two almost touch.


Turn the aluminium adapt-r plate outwards and then hook the nylon bushing in the sliding profile by turning the aluminium plate inwards again.

Do this on both the left- and right-hand side. The nylon bushing is exactly 0.1mm bigger than the sliding profile, and therefore snugly fits inside the profile. It may take some effort to get the bushing in the profile.

Now fasten the second screw of both plates.

The system is now ready for use. If the nylon bushings of the system are noisy, add some lubricant.