Unscrew the screws from the corner profile. Now unscrew the top screws from the two sliding profiles. This allows you to turn the profiles inwards.

Open the dishwasher door and slide the nylon bushings over the two protruding screws of the Premium plate.

Tip: add some lubricant onto the nylon bushings. WD-40, Vaseline or any other type of oil works very well.

Turn the slide profiles back to their original position so that the nylon bushings are locked in place, both on the left- and right-hand side.

The nylon bushings are exactly 0.1mm bigger than the sliding profile, and therefore snugly fit inside the profile. It may take some effort to get the bushing in the profile.

When the system is assembled, you can screw the screws back into the sliding profiles and mount the decorative strip again. If you close the dishwasher door now, it should be totally silent.

If the sliding system makes a noise, you can add some lubricant between the Nylon bushings and the aluminium part.