This step shows you how to add the mounting holes to the adapt-r parts. We supply the adapt-r plates without holes, because every dishwasher is different. The mounting points are different for each dishwasher. Even different Siemens dishwashers have different mounting points. Make sure you check the pictures below to copy the mounting points. Pay attention! Always use the original mounting points of the dishwasher; check the installation manual of your dishwasher for details.

The dishwasher in our example has several options to attach a kitchen front. The adapt-r is attached to the original mounting points. Here, we have chosen to mount the adapt-r at the points indicated. Remove the screws at these points from the inside of the dishwasher door. If you can see through the dishwasher door behind this screw, you have a suitable point. In case of doubt, check the manual of your dishwasher or contact us.

We have chosen the points above because they are closest to the corner of the door. This in order to get as stable a result as possible.

Point 1 is 6.7 cm away from the side edge, and about 1 cm from the top. If this point is 10 cm from the edge, you cannot use it with the Adapt r Basic and Easy, because the Basic and Easy plates are only 7cm wide. You can use the adapt-r Premium for these cases. Fortunately, practically all well-known brands of dishwashers, such as Bosch, Siemens, ATAG, Bauknecht etc. are all suitable for the adapt-r Basic and Easy. In case of doubt, the Premium always works, but you can of course call or e-mail us for advice.

Mounting point 2 is 14.3 cm from the top, approx. 1.5 cm from the edge.

Mark the mounting points onto the adapt-r strip.

Do this on both on the left- and right-hand side.

To be on the safe side, you can now hold the plates in front of the dishwasher door to check whether you have marked out the holes correctly.

Drill the marked holes in the aluminium with a 5 mm drill bit.

The result should look like this.

Attention: the locations of these mounting points are different for each dishwasher!

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