The dishwasher trend

In 90% of kitchens, the dishwasher is installed in a rather strange way. This means there’s a pretty good chance that this has happened or will happen to you… Please read the following to avoid this situation.

The four biggest installation problems:

  1. Optically: A hole is cut in the base board underneath the dishwasher. This looks ugly, especially in light-coloured kitchens.
  2. Ergonomically: The dishwasher is placed too low, at the minimum height, which means you have to bend down too far to fill or empty it.
  3. Optically: A “special dishwasher front” is supplied. This front consists of at least 2 uneven parts. The lower part, often around 10cm, “dangles” from the bottom of the kitchen front. In itself a good solution, but by adding a special dishwasher front, it ruins the lines of the kitchen.
  4. Financially: In some cases, a different dishwasher has to be bought, simply because the kitchen front is too big for the current dishwasher.

These are all annoying problems, but fortunately there is a solution to all of them. This solution was developed because IKEA kitchen fronts are too large for standard dishwashers. That’s why we came up with the adapt-r. The adapt-r is a sliding hinge that works in a way similar to the sliding door system that is often used for refrigerators.
With the adapt-r slide system, all fully integrated dishwashers can be placed in any kitchen, preventing the problems we mentioned. Especially in higher kitchens (with kitchen fronts between 75 and 90 cm) the adapt-r will prevent a lot of frustrations. 

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A hole in the base board.

This “solution” is often used in combination with a low-placed dishwasher. A hole has to be cut out of the base board, because the kitchen front on the dishwasher sticks out a bit too far and hits the base board when the dishwasher is fully opened. To prevent these ‘collisions’ and the corresponding damage, a rectangle is cut out of the base board. This allows the dishwasher to be fully opened, but creates an unsightly ‘shadow’ underneath the dishwasher. Especially if the kitchen is visible from the dining room or living room, this dark area often looks ugly.

Low dishwasher

While washing machines and dryers are often placed on a platform, the dishwasher is usually placed much lower than necessary. When you open the dishwasher, you often see a “gap” between the counter top and the dishwasher. The dishwasher is placed on the floor and the part above the dishwasher is filled up with a piece of wood. Because of this low placement, you have to bend down every time you want to fill or empty the dishwasher; day in, day out. Of course, there is a reason why the dishwashers are placed so low. If the dishwasher would be raised up to fit against the counter top, the kitchen front would stick out too far at the bottom. In the best case scenario, the front would then hit the base board; in that case, a rectangle can be cut out of the base board. In the worst case scenario, the kitchen front hits the dishwasher itself, and the dishwasher door can no longer be fully opened. This means you can’t pull out the bottom drawer of the dishwasher to fill it…

Kitchen front for the dishwasher

Usually, the kitchen consultant takes into account which size of the kitchen front will fit the dishwasher you have or selected. If a kitchen is fully custom-made for you, a special kitchen front will be made for your dishwasher. This front consists of at least two parts. The lower part is about 10 cm high and can hinge freely from the rest of the kitchen front. When the dishwasher is opened, the lower part will hang down. Usually this part is fixed with springs, so that the piece of kitchen front is pulled back when the dishwasher is closed. In terms of use, this is an excellent solution. The disadvantage of this solution is that it interrupts the lines of your kitchen. Usually, all cabinet and drawer fronts are chosen in such a way that they all have the same style and shape. This special dishwasher front interrupts this style which can be experienced as ugly or annoying.

The dishwasher doesn’t fit in the new kitchen at all

The biggest problem is when the dishwasher does not fit in the kitchen at all… In some situations, the dishwasher is really too small for the kitchen front picked. Lowering the dishwasher, cutting a hole in the base board… It is not enough. The dishwasher just doesn’t fit. In that case you have two options: buy a new suitable dishwasher or install the current dishwasher in your kitchen using the adapt-r. This problem is often encountered by IKEA kitchen owners, unless you also by an IKEA dishwasher. But there are many kitchen owners who want to install, for example, a Siemens dishwasher in an IKEA kitchen. In most cases, you will then need an adapt-r system to achieve a good fit.

Adapt-r is suitable for all brands

Do you want to find out if your dishwasher brand or type can be installed in an IKEA kitchen? We made a useful overview of the brands.

✓AEG ✓ Amica ✓ ASKO ✓ Atag ✓ Bauknecht ✓ Beko ✓ Bosch ✓ Candy ✓ Elektrolux ✓ Etna ✓ Grundig ✓ Indesit ✓ Inventum ✓ LG ✓ M-System ✓ Miele ✓ Pelgrim ✓ Samsung ✓Siemens✓ Smeg ✓ Whirlpool ✓ Zanussi

What can we do for you?

We developed a system (the adapt-r) that makes it possible to place larger than the standard size fronts on your dishwasher. In principle, we work with three versions:


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