What does the adapt-r do?

The adapt-r gives u the opportunity to choose which brand and type of dishwasher you would like to place in your Ikea kitchen.

Your desired dishwasher can be built in an Ikea kitchen with the adapt-r sliding hinge.

The adapt-r is a sliding hinge that is especially developed for fully integrated built-in dishwashers.

With larger kitchen fronts, like the Ikea Metod fronts, the dishwasher door will not be able to be fully opened. Without adapt-r it will not be possible to place every dishwasher in an Ikea kitchen. The adapt-r offers the solution and ensures that the “overlength” of the kitchen front is “captured”. This is done by sliding the front back and forth when opening and closing the dishwasher.

Please see the comparison between the different systems below;

   adapt-r 2.0 basic  adapt-r 2.0 easy  adapt-r premium
Price   89,99,-   104,99,-  139,99
Package dimensions (LxWxH)  61x10x4cm 61x10x4cm   60x50x3cm
Net weight:  1,3kg 1,4kg    1,6kg
Shipping costs:   €0,-   €0,-  €0,-
Parts pre-assembled:
Suitable for IKEA metod:  
Suitable for multiple drawer fronts:    
Suitable for slimline dishwashers (45 cm wide):   (ook Miele en Smeg)   (ook Miele en Smeg)  
Suitable for 60 cm wide dishwashers:      
Suitable for Timelight:      
Suitable for semi integrated dishwashers:      
Installation duration (average):  90-120 minuten  45-90 minuten  45-75 minuten
Difficulty: (1 is easy 5 is difficult):  5 3 1
Standard drilling template included:    
Premium drilling template included (60x80cm, for all parts):    
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